Make an Egg Shaped Easter Basket From String

Really nice looking easter egg 😉 The present is surely appreciate.

HMH Designs

With Easter so late this year it’s giving me plenty of time to think up tons of fun Easter crafts.  This particular basket is from the way back machine.  One of the ladies I used to baby sit for would make these every year for friends and family.  I took the concept and added a little spin all my own to come up with this year’s Easter basket.

So it’s time to break out the glue gun and get crafty!


Crochet thread (I purchased 1,000 yards for two balloons and it was way too much)

Fabric stiffener such as Stiffy


Plastic wrap


Disposable bowl or cupcake tray


1/4 Yard coordinating fabric

Weighty filler such as beans or rice

Glue Gun



Sewing Machine

Let’s get started!  First prepare your work area.  Line your bowl with the plastic wrap.  As I discovered (after I had glue…

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The Lappvattnet hat

Exploring the medieval hunt

This time we will go slightly of focus for the blog but we just have to put some light on this rather extraordinary well preserved medieval hat.

In 1938 they found an old hat. Its was a ordinary felted hat of 18 cm height and a brim with a 46 cm circumference. The hat emerged when a bog was being diked out. The special conditions of bogs can keep textile, especially wool, in a very good condition for a long time. Time went by and it was delivered to the local museum in 1966 where it was dated to around 1600 somewhere, mostly based upon its shape. The hat was carefully conservated and mounted. It was placed in its natural shape and not as it might have been worn. It has a rather distinct shape for 17:th century hats. In 2014 some workers at the museum had started wondering if the…

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